My name is Andreas and I must be some kind of artist. Sometimes I do things that you can see but sometimes I also do things that you can hear. And sometimes even both. In fact for me it makes no difference. My studio is called ›the void‹. This website is a little portfolio of works – regardless wether they`re audible or visible – that emerged from the void. As a visual artist I see design as the link between art and science. In this way, good design makes knowledge accessible visually. So my special interest lies in creating visual systems that are able to communicate complex content in an understandable way. Beside my practical work I wrote some essays – for example on the construction of identity in the web, on the role of chance in arts and especially composition or audiovisual aesthetics of music in movies. I am also one of the editors of music media publishing. I enjoy coding with Processing and JQuery.
I also teach at Graz' very own Ortweinschule in the department of Grafic- and Communication-Design.

A list of my publications can be found here.

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